3 Steps to nonprofit sponsorship success

Get Ready to
Get Sponsors!

Nonprofit sponsorships are within your reach, and here are the three steps to successfully attracting and landing nonprofit sponsors.

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    "This is such a helpful guide! I'm eager to put this to good use to attract sponsors and further our mission.”

    Patricia F. Smith

    San Diego, CA

    What you get:

    This guide walks you through the three steps that are key to attracting, landing, and keeping nonprofit sponsors.

    is it time to fix your charity gala?

    SPONSORSHIPS! Organizations want them and need them, but lack the know-how and training to prospect them, attract their attention, and keep sponsors happy.

    In this guide, A.J. Steinberg, CFRE, of Queen Bee Fundraising will show you how to get your organization primed for sponsorship dollars.